American Express and Small Business Saturday

I’m a firm believer in supporting our local businesses as much as I can.  I was really excited last year when I found out about  Small Business Saturday and the role American Express plays in it.   Small Business Saturday, this year on November 30th, is all about supporting your local businesses; those Mom and Pop stores, the independent retailers that most of us have in our communities.  It’s a day to get people out and to shop at these stores. The idea of Small Business Saturday was created by American Express in 2010.  Too often we order online while our local businesses are suffering from low sales.  To encourage American Express cardholders to shop locally, American Express, in the past, has given  a $25 credit on your statement if you made a single, in person transaction of at least $25 total on Small Business Saturday with a registered small business.  We expect the same this year as it has been in the previous years. Just notified that it is $10 for 2013 – make a $10 purchase and get $10 credit.

This incentive applies to both business and personal American Express cards and you are not limited to just one card. I have two cards and my husband has four.  We just need to register each of those cards by the date given by American Express (and I’ll let you know when it is) and use them at a registered small business on November 30th

To find out if your favorite local store is participating, you will need to go to this site and highlight and then delete the city that is showing.  Add your city in and you will see who is participating so far.  Not much showed up for me till I went to the different categories (Dining, Shopping, etc)  Remember more and more merchants will be joining so review the list periodically.

Last year we frequented a local restaurant that was identified as a Small Business by AmEx.  We went in and bought a $25 gift certificate for a future visit and received the $25 statement credit.  It was great – we had two evenings out for the price of one.  You too can purchase merchandise or gift certificates for a future purchase and take advantage of the credit.



6 thoughts on “American Express and Small Business Saturday

  1. Thanks for the reminder about small business Saturday. Please enter me in the contest. Regards from Istanbul where I learned at dinner tonight that I like Raki!

  2. While this is great for us, the consumers, it’s not so great for the business owners unfortunately. AMEX has higher merchant fees than Visa and MC. Last year, one local business actually gave an across-the-board discount to customers who did NOT use their AMEX! lol

    1. I agree with you 100% about AmEx having higher merchant fees. But for those who do accept AmEx and are small businesses, then shopping on Small Business Saturday is a boom for them. I know that although we did purchase a gift certificate last year we did other small business shopping sometimes using our AmEx card and other times not. It got us out of the malls and off of online shopping to walk up and down our small towns Main Street making holiday purchases.

  3. I really took advantage of this last year at a local children’s educational toy store and added a store coupon. Those big ticket items were reasonable for awesome Christmas presents.

  4. I am surprised and amazed at all of the things you have written about, I read the blogs every day. You have picked up the ball and are really running with it!

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