Hotels and Points for Hawaii

Our to-do list for Hawaii

tickets booked to and from Hawaii  –  checked

inter-island flights – still need to do

car rental – researching

tips from friends and readers where to go and what to see  — checked

hotels booked on two island  — checked

Yes, we booked our hotels.   We had SPG points, Hilton points and 2 free nights at a Hyatt from our credit card.  We really want to use points to pay for our hotel stays.

I needed first to find out if there were any Hyatts on Kauai and the Big Island.  Turns out that there is one and it is on the island of Kauia – just as I had hoped.  I went on their website, clicked on the Gold Passport tab, put in my dates and waited for the great news that we would have a lovely room for two nights – for FREE!!!!  Except, that didn’t happen.  Apparently there were no rooms available for redemption.  My heart sank.  This was the Grand Hyatt Resort and Spa.  Oh, I wanted to be bathed in luxury.  I needed to think more about this.  On the website site I decided to send a message explaining that this was my first time in Hawaii and I had some difficulty navigating their website and could they help me use my free night certificate for the nights I wanted..  I really didn’t help but I needed to say something to them.  I sent the email off and waited patiently for their reply.

Grand Hyatt Kauai
                       Grand Hyatt Kauai

Meanwhile, I needed to continue with our planning.  My next best option was to use the SPG points.  I found a nice Sheraton on Kauai that I made a reservation for 12,000 points per night.  I could always cancel this reservation if Hyatt came through. We booked it.

Then it was on to our stay on the Big Island of Hawaii.  They also had a Sheraton and although I didn’t have enough points for free nights, they do have the option of paying fewer points and combining it with cash.  That was a doable option.  I looked further and there is a Hilton although it is requiring 50,000 points per night and we are planning on staying three nights.  I have plenty of those points but I hate burning through that many points but it was an options.  In my mind, I play out the different scenarios.  IF the Hyatt free nights come through, then I can cancel the nights on Kauai with the SPG points and then use them on Hawaii and cancel the Hilton points.

hawaii hula

We checked our email and we had a reply from Hyatt asking us to call them.  We did and explained what we wanted.  No problem and we were booked.  I felt like doing a dance.  I know, it’s rather silly but I was so excited at staying at such a beautiful property and the fact that we could use our free certificate would be icing on the cake.

Now, we need to cancel the Sheraton hotel that we booked with points on Kauai and have the points redeposited so that we can cancel the Hilton property and use the SPG points on the Big Island.  Sure, it has taken me a little time to figure all this out but I knew what my options were and I had a Plan B.

As you could tell, Hilton properties require more points but for me they are very easy to obtain.  With my AmEx Hilton Honors card, I get 5 times points in grocery stores.  I can purchase Vanilla Reloads at a grocery store here.  Last week I bought $2000 worth of  VR’s with my Hilton card and earned 10,000 Hilton points!  SPG points can be used at several hotels, require fewer points but can be more difficult to get those points. I think since I am using about three quarters of my SPG points that I need to move this card up toward the front of my wallet and replenish and grow my SPG points for the future.

I have a lot of Club Carlson points but they didn’t have any properties in Hawaii.  They are now saved for our big trip in 2014 to South Africa..

What hotel points do you have and collect?  Are you happy with the redemption values? Are you thinking about becoming a loyalty member of a different brand and is so, why?

4 thoughts on “Hotels and Points for Hawaii

  1. We did Hawaii (Oahu and the Big Island) on miles and points last year. Great time! I recommend car rentals through National as I’ve always found them to have the best rates. Compare against Costco which can have comparable offers. We travel with our kids though, so we need car seats, etc., so those codes won’t be of much use probably for you. Have a great time!

    I also strongly recommend picking of the Hawaii Revealed guides, as they are excellent! And make sure to purchase some cheap snorkel gear when you get there and keep it in the trunk for some great impromptu dives into the ocean at those mile markers highlighted in the guides.

  2. Okay, I just saw your previous post, where you mention you will be going to Oahu in September. So are you really going to try to do all 3 islands? I’ll bet everyone you talk with who has been there will tell you NOT to try this. You will be spending more time in airports and in transfers, than enjoying yourself and the islands.

    The Big Island itself has kept us busy for 3 separate years, for a week each, and we could easily go back tomorrow for another week. It is a *big* place and there is so much variety there that it’s just wrong to breeze through it.

    Kauai is good for a week but don’t get too excited about the Grand Hyatt there—it’s nice and the free snacks in the lounge are okay, but you are in a big resort that could be in any number of places in the world. Unless you are just going for R&R, Hawaii can’t be experienced poolside….

  3. Couple of comments: the Sheraton in Kona has no beach, so keep in mind that you will need to drive to do or see anything.

    If you have time (you dont say what month you go), you might be able to swing the Fairmont card for two (or more) nights, and book at the Fairmont Orchid. And you would get some nice meal coupons to spend there on breakfast and dinner.

    Are you going to Hilo?

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