Radisson Hotel and Suites, Sydney, Australia

With all the Club Carlson points that I accumulated during their big promotion last year we decided to stay with them when we were in Australia.  Radisson has two hotels in Sydney.  One is the Radisson Hotel and Suites near Chinatown and the other is the Radisson Blu in the Central Business District.  They both were valued at 50,000 points per night.  I asked some friends from Sydney which they would choose and they thought the one near Chinatown would suit our needs the best.club carlson

Being near Chinatown and away from the Central Business District opened up a variety of meal choices that the one in the central business district didn’t have.  We would also be within a block of one of the main streets (George Street) where we could get on city buses and we were also within walking distance (a few blocks) of the Harborside Park where there were parks, kiddie playgrounds, restaurants, aquarium, etc.

our bedroom
our bedroom

I emailed the hotel concierge a few months before our arrival to inquire the best way to get to the hotel and to request that a room be ready for us even though we were arriving around 9 AM.  She gave me several suggestions on how the various ways of getting to the hotel and then her recommendation.

Since we were Club Carlson loyalty members and had gold elite status due to our Club Carlson VISA card, we were given a very nice one bedroom suite with a full kitchen and balcony with two chairs and a table.  Elite status does pay off.  Additionally, the last night of our stay was FREE because we were Club Carlson members and we were booked our hotel room with points.  You only have to stay two night to get the last night free.  If I had been thinking clearer I would have booked the first two night and then have Blogger Hubby book the second two nights.  That way we would have gotten two night even free-er. )Yes, I know that is not a word!).  You need to think and strategize when using points and miles.

living room
living room

We found that the employees who worked the front desk were extremely helpful to us.  We would inquire as to where we could find a store that sold wine and wasn’t outrageously expensive as specialty wine stores can be; where we could eat a moderately priced dinner; where we could pick up a few groceries, etc.

If you are going to Sydney and would like to stay someplace that has lots to offer, I would suggest the Radisson Hotel and Suites on Liverpool Street.


One thought on “Radisson Hotel and Suites, Sydney, Australia

  1. Thanks for all the great advice and pics of your travels. Your blogs are down to earth practical information. We are just starting to plan our family vacation to NZ and Australia for June/ July 2015. I have read everything you have on your trip there. Do you have any suggestions on what we could do now in preparation such as airline cards to get, hotel cards or other memberships? I have a ton of Am. Air miles, some IHG but no Club Carlson.
    Thank you for sharing your advice and your trips,


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