Chase Freedom Credit Card New Benefits

I have spoken off and on about several of the credit cards that I have and why I REALLY like them.  The Chase Freedom card is one of them for the quarterly bonuses and if you have a Sapphire Preferred or an Ink card, you can accumulate UR points and transfer them to the other cards.  Other than that, there is nothing else special about this card for me until………


Today Chase announced new cardmember benefits that sound very appealing to me.

Firstly, they now have auto rental collision coverage included which means that theft and collision coverage is provided for most rental cars worldwide.  Check with Chase to see if the car you are renting has this coverage.   I know that before I rent a car, I always find out what my credit card covers and what I need to decline on the car rental forms. Some credit cards, if you pay an extra fee, will be the primary insurer when you rent (think American Express) which at times is important to me.  Here in the US, it doesn’t matter who pays first and who pays second in the case of an accident but when traveling abroad I want it to be as hassle free as possible.

Secondly, like some of the American Express cards, they are now offering to extend the manufacturers warranty by one year on items you purchase with your Freedom card.  I really like this benefit because I have had that happen to me – where an item was out of warranty period (mine was 90 days) and no longer worked (at 6 months).

Finally, eligible purchases are protected for 120 days against damage or theft. I jsut read a blog

To get more information, you would need to go to to download and read the Guide for complete details. If you have any questions, call Chase  anytime at the number on the back of your card.


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