Last Minute Cruise Deals

When you cruise, your final payment is generally due 90 days out from the date of sailing.  At that point the cruise lines know what their inventory is and they may start reducing the fares in order to fill all the beds on a cruise.  From what I’ve understood, the cruise lines don’t make money on your fare but rather from the money you spend once on the ship whether it is from alcohol, the money you dropped in the casino, excursions that are booked through them or your purchases in the shops on board.  They want and need to fill the beds and they will reduce and reduce fares to get those who can travel at the last minute.

I have found that you can get a great deal with a Caribbean sailing because there are so many cruises that are plying the waters of the Caribbean.  Also, if air fares are high to Europe or beyond, then the number of passengers tend to not book because they don’t want to pay the higher airfare to meet the ship.  That’s when fares can be reduced also.

cruise in caribbean

I’ve been looking all summer for a reduced fare to sail from either Boston or New to Maine, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Quebec and possibly Montreal.  I am also willing to do it in the opposite direction.  The sailing on the St. Lawrence has a short time – generally only a few months and because of that there tend to be few, if any, sales on these fares.

Right now I’m sure you’ll find great deals on Alaskan cruises.  September tends to be the end of the season for cruising in Alaska but it might be a great year to do it in Alaska as they are having a very warm summer.

alaska cruise

My daughter and I were able to take advantage of one of these cruises within one week of sailing and we found cheap airfare to boot!  We booked passage on a Celebrity ship out of Fort Lauderdale for 5 nights visiting Cozumel and Roatan, Honduras.  Sure , we only had a stateroom with a window and our stateroom was third from the bow BUT we only paid $250 each for this great vacation.

Celebrity Cruise Line published their Tuesday fares at this site and Holland America has what they call Flash Sales at this site.  This is a site I found for Royal Caribbean sales.

If you happen to have some free time, check out the last minute sales with the cruise lines.  If you happen to decide to book a cruise, please refer back to my blog on booking a cruise for tips.


4 thoughts on “Last Minute Cruise Deals

  1. What I want to add was that I too have been searching for good Alaska cruise fares and indeed found some for $249. But that $249 was really $500 after you add taxes. AND you still had to add tip of $24/day. AND then you had to add one way flights to Alaska and back from Canada!! All of this adds up.

    What I could never figure out is why they have the one ways to/from Vancouver, but not to Seattle. And the Seattle one never go all the way up to Anchorage area. One of the big mysteries of cruise ships… 🙂

    1. The problem is, as I understand it, is that the port charges are very expensive in Alaska and the state of Alaska charges a head charge for all passengers. I was on a one way from Seward to Vancouver and that was a 7 day cruise. I think if they were to go to Seattle it would be something different like an 8 day cruise and cruise lines do not do 8 day cruises. I really think it is a “timing” issue but that is just my opinion.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I have to say at this point I wonder if my readers and friends are enjoying this and/or getting anything out of it. You’ve made my day!

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