Air, Land and Sea is 2 months old!

I have published my 50th post and my blog is 2 months old!  The idea that I’ve had for a very short time to write a travel blog has now come to fruition and has been published for two months.  Okay, I’ve had to strong arm some friends, and force family members to subscribe and “follow” me.  Although they have heard many of these stories before they have been kind enough to listen again.

Every time that a new person signs up for the blog and I don’t know him or her, I get so excited.  I often wonder how unknown people find my blog and I am so excited that they have.  I know that this blog is a very small (okay, tiny is more like it) player in the world of travel blogs yet I am still excited every time I write a blog and see that people have read it and sometimes commented on it.

I have had people from 20 different countries find and read my blog.  The biggest surprise was 28 hits from Norway when my daughter wrote about her Hawaiian Babymoon in Hawaii using points.

I’ve had people from Canada, Norway, United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, Philippines, Malawi, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Poland, Finland, Russian Federation, Costa Rica, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Germany, Vietnam, Malta and Indonesia find and read my blog.  That is such an absolute thrill for me.

I hope that you have been able to find a few tips.  Whether it have been  perhaps been encouraged to get out and do more traveling or to help “fund” your travel through credit card sign-ups or find a new product that will make your travel a little bit easier.

I also want to thank you for passing my blog on to friends and family and also for posting it on your FB page and encouraging others to read it.

If you ever want to be a guest blogger for travel locally, domestically or internationally, please drop me a note.  We are in this to help each other out.

Once again, thank you for being part of my Air. Land. &  Sea family.


6 thoughts on “Air, Land and Sea is 2 months old!

  1. Happy 2 Month Birthday! I agree with Pam above, keep at it! I especially appreciate the perspective of someone whose empty-nester status is similar to my own. With so many of the blogs just rehashing the “best” credit cards to get, it is great to see some different content here.

    We leave in two weeks for a month in Israel and Turkey. I will let you know if that promotes an urge to be a guest-blogger!

    Again, congratulations on the milestone!

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