Waiting for the August Ultimate Reward Mall Bonus Points

As I have mentioned many times before, I can maximize my points by going through the Ultimate Rewards Mall that you can get to through your Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card, your Chase Ink or Ink Plus Business cards or your Chase Freedom if you have one of the aforementioned credit cards.  On the first of each month their bonus merchants change; some stay the same, some decrease and some increase.  I am anxiously awaiting August 1st to see what the merchants are offering us.

This past month, I would order  printer ink at 4inkjets.com getting 15  points per dollar; Famous Footwear at 10 points per dollar; Kohls at 10 points per dollar (I think they have been at 10 points for almost a year); magazines.com at 25 points per dollar;  if you are a ProActive user you can order the product and receive 30 points per dollar;  Snapfish (a favorite of mine) at 15 points per dollar and so many more.

Tomorrow is your lat day for the July specials.  Me, I’m waiting to see what August will bring.

As I said in another blog, you can always check evreward.com to see if there is anything better for you.


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