Ex Officio Travel Underwear and Campsuds – Travel Product Review

There are many secrets to keeping your packed luggage to a manageable amount.  One of my recent tricks has been to purchase travel underwear by Ex Officio.  The underwear for both men and women is breathable, packable and lightweight.  After washing in the sink or in the laundry, they will be dry within hours.  I tend to wash them, squeeze them dry and then roll them in a dry towel to get the excess water out.  Other undies that I have brought with me on our trips have taken quite a while to dry but not these by Ex Officio.  They come in many styles and sizes. I found my underwear at my local wilderness store though you can mail order from some of your favorite travel stores.

ex officio

To cut down on all the liquids that I bring on trips with me I use Campsuds.  This unique product, that I first learned about when we went camping, can be used for a myriad of purposes.  Believe it or not, you can use a few drops to wash your undies in,.  You can also wash dishes with it, as well as your body and hair.  It is a natural, biodegradable cleaner.  For those who want to pack it in your carry-on luggage, it does come in a 2 oz size.  For those who want to pack it, it does come in larger sizes as well.  I bought this from my local wilderness store as well though some have told me that WalMart sells it as well.  Personally, I prefer to shop at my local mom and pop stores and support the local businesses.


Disclaimer:  As a reminder, I do not receive any compensation for my product review nor was I asked to write a review.  Like my other recommendations, this is a product that I use and own.

4 thoughts on “Ex Officio Travel Underwear and Campsuds – Travel Product Review

  1. I travelled around the world with only two pair of the Ex Officio boxers….they really do work!! As mentioned above, one of the best things about them are that they dry overnight, even in humid climets

  2. Good to know! We have a VERY old bottle which my husband and son used to take camping. I had no idea it could be used as shampoo! You wouldn’t by any chance know how it works on dyed hair….? I am always uneasy to use hotel provided shampoo on my hair since it never specifies if it is safe for color-treated hair. In fact I suggested this as a topic once to a blogger but never heard a peep about it. I figured she could use her contacts to ask about the shampoo provided by the major chain hotels. Maybe she is just too young to have such worries!

    1. I have used many different hotel shampoos and conditioners on my color treated hair and have never had a problem with it. As far as Campsuds, I don’t know as my husband just took it with him on his trip to the Columbia River Gorge. When he comes back, I’ll try it and let you know. I’ll also try to find the manufacturer and see what they say. For the record, I do not have any contacts with anyone in the travel industry – wish I did though 🙂

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