Important Bookmarks for You

When planning a trip, you will get email confirmations of your airline itinerary, your hotel confirmation, any special services or tour that you plan.  If you are anything like I use to be, this information is all over the place.  I didn’t even make a folder for all this travel stuff – I just thought that I knew it all.  One site that I would recommend that compile it all is TripIt.  Every time you get an email, they will capture the information in it and keep it.  You’ll get reminders from them that you have a trip planned and when you should check in online.  I find it a great resource for scatter brains like me.


Keeping track of all your points can be a hassle for some.  AwardWallet will keep track of most of them for you.  This past year, Delta and United Airlines as well as a few others do not allow AwardWallet to get the information for you so you’ll still have to keep track of a few.


Do you have lots of subscription emails coming in your email inbox every day?  I know that I do (sale at a particular store, a new LL Bean online catalogue, etc).  I generally delete them or ask to unsubscribe since they are taking up space in my inbox.  Now you can still get them all in one email.  Sign up at unroll and you will get one email each day.  This has cleaned up my email inbox.


The last one isn’t directly travel related but without it, you couldn’t travel or get points.  I’m talking about the site mint.  Mint automatically puts all your money and spending habits in one place.  Once you sing up it will pull information from your bank, your mortgage company, your investments and other accounts that you may have. This site is secure.  Once you see in front of you in graph form what categories your money is going in, you may want to make some changes.


If you know of any other sites that you use and think is useful to others, please leave a comment.


6 thoughts on “Important Bookmarks for You

  1. One more useful thing that I just discovered–not really related to “before trip planning”, and some of your readers probably already are aware of this—is Skype, for handheld devices. With Skype on our little ipod touch (and with Skype credit) we have a very cheap “phone” that is useful *most* of the time we are abroad. Sure, we dont have coverage wherever cell phones do, but we are on vacation and dont want that anyways. Great for video calls back home from the hotels (which often have free wifi). 🙂

  2. So here is what I wanted to add: I use Yahoo (or other) Mail to email myself a scanned copy of all passports and credit cards, In case I lose my physical copies, I have easy access to the copies. (For safety, I black out some of the digits on the credit cards and write them in code nearby so that I can reconstitute them).

    Low tech, but has been very helpful.

    1. I too will email myself a copy of my passport. I do not keep copies of my credit cards per their instructions. What the cc companies suggested I do is to keep their numbers (from calling within domestically and internationally) and then to call. They will ask us enough questions to verify who we are so we do not need to have the actual card numbers. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Just to let you know, WordPress is still making it difficult to post. They want you to log in and, if you forget your password (who remembers all the passwords to infrequently used sites, WordPress makes you picka new one and is very restrictive about it. Just poor on theior part).
    I would look into some alternate settings so that people don’t need to login before posting—I think you can still moderate the posts each time, or whenever the system sees a new poster, so you won’t lose control.

    Sorry to sound frustrated, but I have lost a few posts now that I composed and then, when I forget my password, it pretty much loses it and I have to start over. 😦

    1. I’m sorry that you are having difficulties. I didn’t look into not having readers log in but then I lose control to “moderate”. I am not censoring but rather keeping spam and such off my site. I have a file on my computer where I keep all my bookmarks and I find that helps me quite a bit – I was having far too many user names and passwords to keep straight in my head. Thank you for taking the time to let me know. Jane

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