CamelBak for Thirsty Travelers – Travel Product Review

I have Sjogrens Syndrome.  Sjorgrens is an auto-immune disease that attacks the moisture producing parts of your body.  In my case, I have extremely dry eyes, dry skin and always thirsty.  So thirsty that my throat and mouth will hurt from being so dry.  Blogger Hubby used to joke that we needed to carry gallons of water with us when we travel.  In fact,  we would take a couple of water bottles and I would, at times, guzzle them down.  Always finding places where I could refill the water bottles became a hassle for me.  Since I knew on our last trip that we would be hiking , I needed to try and reduce the times I needed to find water.

My solution was to bring with me a CamelBak.  I wanted to find a smaller one, more like a lady’s CamelBak than a man’s.  I didn’t care about color, I just wanted a size that would fit me.


I cannot say enough good things about this product.  I had lots of room in the bag portion, 2 outside mesh pockets as well as a side zipper pocket.  Inside the side zipper pocket were two more zippered compartments – perfect for putting your passport, credit cards, money, etc.

I used the CamelBak today when we were bike riding.  It goes with me many places.  Whether you have Sjogrens, are generally thirsty or just like to have water handy, I heartily recommend a CamelBak.

As a note:  I receive no compensation for this review nor was I asked to review it.  I just happen to have it and love it.

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