PacSafe Travel Purses – Travel Product Review

When we went to Rome almost two years ago I was very concerned about pickpocketers as well as having my purse stolen.  I tried to educate myself as much as possible to prevent myself from becoming a victim.

I learned that I should always wear my purse across my body rather than just on my shoulder or being held by my hand.  I was already doing that on the advice of a physical therapist so that was easy.  I also found out that sometimes the thieves would slash the straps off your body or they slash the bottom of your purse.  I needed to find something to protect me against that and I found a product that helped me feel secure – though you still need to be on guard.  I found the Pacsafe Anti-Theft Handbag.

Why I liked this bag was because it was constructed with lightweight stainless steel mesh in the strap and the bottom of the bag.  No more slash and run.  There was also a clip lock where the zipper would close.  Sometimes it was a nuisance undoing the clip but I never regretted getting this bag. Here is a information on the bag and where I purchased it from: PacSafe

pacsafe bagThis bag was a perfect size for me.  I was concerned that it might be too small but it wasn’t.  There is an outside pocket where I could put my water bottle.  Plenty of room inside for my camera, guidebook and other items I needed.

If you have a Chase credit card that gives you Ultimate Rewards then you need to head on over to their shopping portal and you’ll find a great surprise – you’ll earn 10 points per dollar spent at Ebags (where I bought my bag from).

Hope you like your bag as much as I like mine.

As a note:  I receive no compensation for this review nor was I asked to review it.  I just happen to have it and love it.


3 thoughts on “PacSafe Travel Purses – Travel Product Review

  1. I also bought a pacsafe purse for our cruise two years ago and loved it. It is definitely worth going to their website and checking out their huge line of travel bags. Some pacsafe products can also be purchased at our CAA stores with your membership discount.

  2. Seems like I’m always on the search for the perfect travel bag. Problem is, it’s usually 2 days before I’m leaving! I’ve purchased small-ish ones in the past, and they’ve been ok, but I always have the problem of carrying around a water bottle. This one sounds perfect! And for anyone who may be scared off from traveling to Italy because of all the horror stories of pickpocketing.. we didn’t have any problems in 10 days there. The only thing that was stolen out of our group of 20 was someone’s sunglasses when she sat them down on a fountain. Of course we were still aware and took precautions just like you would while traveling anywhere. (Well, except for the girl who had her sunglasses stolen… lol)

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