FTU, Tampa; Chicago Seminar and Online Communities

I’ve mentioned how I quickly learned about the value of points and miles when we wanted to go to Australia/New Zealand earlier this year.  I took a crash course in points and miles so I could book our flight and get our tickets and then I tried to fill in the blanks in my education of points and miles.

What really helped me was attending the Chicago Seminar last October as well as Frequent Traveler University this past April.  I felt that I needed to go at least twice.  My brain was on overload in October though I came home with lots of information.  These seminars are fairly inexpensive and the groups get a discount with the hotel and lunches are included as well as a cocktail party. There is always time in the evenings to meet others and share experiences or to ask questions.

Seminars last all day and many times you have two choices of what classes to attend.  My son Chris attended with me this past April and he came away with quite a bit of knowledge and appreciation for the information that was being shared as well as the Grand Prize that was given in the raffle (they always have a raffle and the money goes to worthy organizations).

Frequent Traveler University will be holding another seminar – this time in Tampa, Florida on September 27-29.  Accommodations will be at the Grand Hyatt with a negotiated rate of  $119 per night (and you get your points too!).

Friday night begins with a welcome reception and the actual seminar starts ay 9:00 AM. The seminar cost $100 and includes lunch for both days.  If you are interested, go to this link: Frequent Traveler University

I am going back to Chicago in October for the Chicago Seminar which are being held October 11-13 at the Holiday Inn in Elk Grove Village.  There are shuttles from O’Hare to take you directly to the hotel.  Many of the speakers will be the same at both seminars.  For more information on the Chicago Seminar, click on this link: Chicago Seminar

I also urge you to read both Milepoint and Flyertalk.  Both of these are online communities of frequent flyer enthusiasts who will share information, answer your questions, sometimes get snarky with you and other will expect you to do your homework and not have everything served to you on a silver platter.


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