Fun Things to Do in Singapore – The Zoo

Singapore is such a modern, vibrant city and there is actually quite a bit to do.  We had a difficult time narrowing our list of what to see and do.

Top on our list was the world renown Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Sentosa Island and all that it had to offer, the Singapore Eye,  a riverboat ride, The Botanical Gardens, Gardens by the Bay, Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome.  Additionally there were museums like the Asian Civilization Museum,  the Singapore Museum and the ArtScience Museum.

To help us determine what to see we looked to Trip Advisor for reviews of what others liked.  Although they all sounded interesting, we did need to make choices.  We decided to visit the Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, Gardens by the Bay with the Supergrove of Trees, Cloud Forest , Flower Dome, Singapore Museum and the riverboat ride.

The Singapore Zoo is one of the top two in the world.  We took the subway (MRT) and a bus directly to the front entrance of the zoo.  This was a very easy way and inexpensive to get to the zoo.  We paid our entrance fee, got a map of the zoo and began our exploration.  We were amazed at how green and lush this

walking along the paths in the zoo to the exhibits
walking along the paths in the zoo

zoo was.  The Singapore Zoo prides itself on not having any cages; instead through the use of moats, fences covered in greenery and glass partitions you get the feeling of seeing the animals in the wild.  I was amazed at how close we got to the fruit bats, who by the way are HUGE!  We could reach out and touch them, which by the way,  I didn’t.  I saw my first Komodo dragon in this zoo!  A tram goes around the zoo and there are many stops that you can embark and disembark.  This is a great way to rest your feet.  One of our favorite areas was the Great Rift Valley as this is a place we are thinking of going to next year.


If you have children, you may not know to bring their swimsuits with you – there is a great splash area for them to cool down and play at the Water Play area.  There is also a wild animal carousel ride, a horse and carriage ride and for a fee you can ride on an elephant.


If you need another break, you can take a boat ride in the reservoir from one section of the park to another.  While you are on the boat you are always looking in the water for crocs or in the surrounding land for monitor lizards and eagles soaring above.


Since Singapore is only about 112 miles from the equator you do need to take precautions when you are outside, particularly all afternoon at the zoo.  Wear a hat, put on sunscreen, bring water with you and stay hydrated.  For this trip I bought CamelPak and had it with me all the time and was constantly refilling it whenever I could.  I also carried in my pack a towel that I would wet and wear around the back of my neck to help cool me down.


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