The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

When you mention that you are going to Singapore, one of the first questions you tend to get asked is whether you are going to stay at the famed Raffles Hotel, one of Singapore’s best known icons.  It was named after Stamford Raffles, the founder of modern day Singapore.  The Singapore Sling drink was developed at this hotel and many tourists will stop in and have a Singapore Sling.


Instead we chose to stay at the Fullerton Hotel.  I spoke a little about it in this post.  I mentioned that we had Club Access, which was on the same floor as our room.  The Club was manned by two Fullerton Hotel employees whose sole job it was to make our stay memorable.  If we had any questions about how to get somewhere, what to see, where to eat – we would ask them.

Every morning we would go to the Club for the gratis breakfast that was provided us.  Always fresh juices, teas, coffee, pastries, fruit and eggs cooked to your order.  Newspapers were there for us to read.


As we walked through the lobby we felt like we were in a dream.  Grand central staircases in the center of the lobby, lots of intimate seatings, a bakery shop with the most delicious looking and tasting French Macarons were there for purchase.  Afternoon tea was also being served in this area.  In one of the corners of the lobby was a mini museum telling the history of the building and the renovation.  Since we were there during Chinese New Year, the areas inside and outside were all decorated.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATheir grand central staircase was a sweeping staircase straight out of Gone With The Wind.  Everything in this hotel was tastefully decadent and so worth every cent you would pay or points you would use.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn either side of this staircase was two medium size indoor ponds with koi and Chinese New Year’s decorations.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI highly recommend this hotel.  If you find that you are in Singapore and want to get off the main shopping drag for a great hotel on the river and within walking distance to the bay, stay at the Fullerton – you won’t regret it.


2 thoughts on “The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

    1. Our room cost $1300 for 4 nights of which we paid by our Capital One credit card and then used their Eraser to have our charge reduced by the rewards points/cash equivalent. We used 130,000 points. The hotel had a great location for us, easy for us to use the MRT and since we were in a club room, we did not pay for any breakfast, had the afternoon tea (aka our lunch) and the evening cocktails (aka dinner). We spent a lot but also saved quite a bit on meals and drinks.

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