Hotel Concierge

Are you planning on going to a new city and have a number of questions of what to see, what to do and how to get there from the airport/train station/ or need driving directions.

I know that has happened to me and I found a new to me resource.  I go to the hotel’s website, find their email address and then I  write to them with my questions.  Every time I have done this the hotel concierge writes back to me.


This was particularly helpful in Singapore as we were arriving at night and after a full day of airline travel and time changes.  I asked the concierge at the Fullerton Hotel how we should get to the hotel from the airport and he gave me several options (subway, cab or private car) as well as giving me the approximate charges for each.

I had a list of things that we wanted to do and see, far more than the allotted time we had in Singapore.  I asked the concierge what was his top 5 recommendations of what we should do in Singapore.  He sent me his recommendations as well as information on tours in the city, cooking lessons and special events.  He offered to make any arrangements that we would need.

We found the same level of professionalism with the concierge in both Sydney and Auckland.

Don’t be hesitant in reaching out to those that are working at the hotel that you will be staying at – they want to make your visit the best that it can be hoping that you’ll come back.


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