Shopping Portals

This is the last in a small series about using your credit card to make your travel free.

Most credit cards are affiliated with a shopping portal – in other words if you go through your credit card to stores that you are going to shop online with, you’ll get extra points.  If you are familiar with Ebates it is very much like that site.

With the Chase Sapphire, Ink Bold, Ink Plus you would go to Ultimate Rewards. Once on that page go to the search column in the upper right hand corner and put in the name of the store you want to shop at. For purposes of this demonstration, I am going to use Kohls. Kohls gives me an extra 10 points per dollar if I go through this portal. Theoretically you should be using your Chase Sapphire card to make the purchase BUT (and this is an important but) I have been successful many times in using the Kohls credit card, a gift card or some other means of paying for the purchase. If you do not want to take the chance, use the credit card who’s portal you went through.

What I will be doing next month is using my Chase Freedom card because if you remember from this post is that the Chase Freedom has bonus categories every quarter. The third quarter (July, August and September) Kohls is a bonus category and you will get an extra 5 x points when shopping through Kohls. You will then be double dipping – getting 5 x points for using the Freedom card and then an extra 10 x points when making the purchase through the Ultimate Reward shopping portal if you have the cards I mentioned above. Remember, it doesn’t work every time but it works most times. You then could be earning 15 x points per dollar – not too shabby.

When I want to see other options for shopping portal when shopping at Kohls, I would go to evrewards. I can then make an informed decision as to what shopping portal would be best for this purchase. You still have to know what your bonus categories are for the Chase Freedom card.

As Alec Baldwin would say:

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