Hot off the Presses – News from Chase

As I have mentioned before Chase credit cards tend to be my favorites for travel since they have United Airlines credit cards as well as others that give me Ultimate Reward points which I can transfer into United and therefore Star Alliance airlines.

Chase offers both personal and business credit cards.  I in fact have a business credit card from them – the Chase Ink Bold.  The benefits of this card, in addition to the 40,000 mile sign-up I received, is that it gives me 5 X points when I pay my landline, wireless, internet and cable with them.  I also get 5 X points for anything I purchase in an office supply store like Staples.  If I want to buy something at Target, I go to Staples first and buy a Target gift card at 5 X points and then proceed to Target.  Picture Charlie Sheen saying “WINNING”  You’ll be surprised at how quickly your points will grow doing this extra step.

Winning with the Chase Business cards
Winning with the Chase Business               cards

Early this morning Chase increased the signup points for their Business cards from 50,000 to 60,000 with a $5,000 minimum spend within three months.  In a post that I’ll send out tonight, I’ll teach you how to painlessly “Spend” $5000, be able to pay back your credit card – doing all this for  $40.

You might be wondering about the “business card” and thinking you are not a business – but you might be.  Do you sell items on Ebay, Etsy or craft shows?  Do you tutor?  Do you have a non-profit business?  Do you babysit?  When filling out the application form list your SSN as the EIN and fill it out as a sole proprietor with at least one employee – yourself.  Be honest about the income you derive from it.  Darius from Million Mile Secrets has the link for the credit card application (please use his link) as well as instructions on how to fill out a business credit card application here

One of the Chase Business card
One of the Chase Business card

Know which credit card you want. The Ink Bold is a charge card and you have to pay it off in full each month (as you should be doing anyway). The Ink Plus is a credit card and you can pay the balance over time. Remember – you have to be able to make the minimum spend and you should be paying it off in full each month. Don’t get in over your heads – your credit score is so important throughout your life.

Imagine being able to have two roundtrip transcontinental flights in coach and 10,000 points leftover for free!  You could fly to Europe round trip in economy.  Oh the Places you Can Go!


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