How do you decide what to see when traveling?

When Blogger Hubby and I go on vacation we like to know what to do at our vacation spot particularly when it is a city.  This trip might be for a couple of days, a week or even longer.  We like to maximize our time and do the most that we possible can.  Who wants to learn when you get home that you have missed something very important!

One of the first things we do is to go to Google, search the city and add the words “calendar of events” to the search.  This gives us a basis of knowing what is happening during our time there.  We did this when we recently went to Hobart, Tasmania, Australia and we found that when we were there, they were having the Wooden Boat Festival.  It would be the largest concentration of wooden boats in the southern hemisphere – over 600 boats.  We sure didn’t want to miss that!

We also go to Trip Advisor and again list the city we are going to be in and see what are the top venues that we should visit.  This site gives us reviews which we read and allow us to prioritize what we want to see.

Rick Steves, one of the gurus of traveling through Europe, has free mp3 city guides for you to download on his website.  Many people that I met in Italy were using his city guides downloads to help them navigate and explain to them what they were viewing.

A new player in the city guides is  Their city guides show you how to get around, things to see and do, transportation information, best restaurants, hotels and best neighborhoods for visitors. What do you use to learn about a city or vacation spot that you will be visiting?


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